Viennese Spiced Guglhupf

A post-script to the (pre-)Christmas time, something to think about… a pre-script to a recipe?

A recipe, I cannot yet serve you, but I do want to offer my amusement about myself.

It took me some 40 years of life, more than 20 of them with a love for spices, to notice that Guglhupf cake existed in a spicy version!

And that, even though I love sweets, including Guglhupf – and of course, spicy things:

Add to that how the two I “discovered” are from the Hotel Sacher and the Konditorei Demel, two of Vienna’s most traditional houses… and they were famously different:

Sacher Spiced Guglhupf (Gewürzguglhupf)

Sacher Gewürzguglhupf

Nicely moist, light in color, it comes with a “fat glaze” and flavored with orange, cointreau, and candied ginger.

Not really spicy, but not a normal Guglhupf, either.

Sacher Gewürzguglhupf

Demel Gewürzguglhupf

On the other hand, the Christmas-y spicy guglhupf made by the Demel, with chocolate glaze and wintry sugar figures on top.

Demel Gewürzguglhupf

The spices here may have been a bit too close to those of a gingerbread, the chocolate-rich dark inner also becomes reminiscent of that – but that does not diminish the enjoyment.

Demel Gewürzguglhupf

Rather, the contrary: This is what I would want to call a true spiced/spicy Guglhupf!

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  1. Jesse-Gabriel

    Wenn ich die Wahl hätte würde ich den ersten nehmen den du gekostet hat,klingt leckerer und auch die Zutaten die du vorgelesen hast haben mich mehr überzeugt .

  2. Gerald

    Ging mir auch so, dass ich den passender und besser fand. Das hat die Sache nur interessanter gemacht… überhaupt nichts von Gewürzguglhupf gewusst, und dann gibt es davon so unterschiedliche Versionen!

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