Two Thoughts to a New Season’s Start

Keimende Chillisamen

Probably there are not enough readers for anyone to have wondered about the silence, and I publish posts very irregularly, anyways… but it’s a new season, another spring, life goes on and things circle around to be all the same and all new. And, first of all, slow, steady, busy.

When it comes to how the chilli is behaving, starting seeds-wise, there’s thought #1:

I want to be scientific about it, get some statistics on what’s been happening, but at least when it comes to the germination of chile pepper seeds, it’s pretty useless. When they are too old, they just aren’t viable anymore. And when they are still viable, they all emerge at pretty much the same time.

chilli seeds germinating

Thought #2, a mistake I always love to make: Never underestimate how many seeds may still be viable and just pour them into the pot in which you want to start them. The result can easily be a pot which is crowded like an East Asian metropolitan subway at rush hour…

crowded chilli starting pots

After a winter that hardly was, spring has come right around the astronomical beginning of spring (equinox), and that’s making for strange impressions, too.
With sunny weather and temperatures getting high, fruit trees flowering, wild herbs emerging, it seems like the chilli could be relieved from its crowding, be separated into single pots and put outside – but it’s still almost a month to Easter, and temperatures can still get below freezing until the beginning of May, even in this region. Not, therefore, a time for bad decisions. Careful hardening-off of the little ones, yes…

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