Market Monday: Tsukiji, Tokyo… 1997

Blogs, photos… everything today has to be the latest – or doesn’t it?

I want to present the market of Tsukiji in two views. First of all, the next time, as I explored it recently, in 2017. This time, in the view from 1997…

1997, I was in Japan on a study tour, with many things organized – including a visit to the (tuna) fish market of Tsukiji and its famous tuna auction, early in the morning.

My camera was an old – or for the time, almost modern – Nikon FG; the photos appear nearly antique for that. Given today’s ubiquitous high resolution and HDR-popping photography with smartphones and DSLR, there is something to that kind of photography, though.

In matters of food culture, I actually wonder how the tuna catch looks these days. On my recent visit, I only went to the “outer” market, though. But more on that, next time.

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