Garden Update, May 2017

Going on June, everything garden-related is going into overdrive…

[And between the time I brought the videos online and now that I get this post published, it’s already become June.

The videos, by the way, are in 360 degrees (if YouTube recognizes that correctly) and therefore of strange quality and best viewed on a smartphone.]

From the time of waiting and seeing if there would be any more period of cold weather and possibly frost, at the beginning of May, we have gone straight into a time when everything seems a bit too late.

Some chile peppers haven’t been growing quite as well as I’d like them to, others have started to flower – and are still not potted in a way that would be good for them…

Still Redesigning

I’m still working to create at least a little more room in the garden…

… which is all the more important as I’ve been a bit unfaithful to the chilli. I’ve gone and started growing a few more things.

Growing More

Sichuan pepper, now also Japanese Pepper (Sansho) and Ashitaba, to name just the more important and more special:

But of course, I also do a lot around the chilli… and with rice.

With both, this year has somehow ended up having a bit of a focus.

For one, beside my usual focus on Asian/Chinese chile peppers, I do a bit around Japanese frying peppers and with two “Soviet” varieties.

More on that in due time, when I can nicely describe what chile peppers I am growing this year, and for which purposes.

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