Garden Update 4: June 2017

Once again at the very end of the month, an update from the garden.

This time, it is a particularly important one:

First of all, as a lot has been happening; berries are ripening like there’s no tomorrow, and the chile peppers are growing excellently, for once.

Secondly, this update is also my I’m not here-message. Tomorrow, it’s off to China again (if only for 3 weeks, this time).

Oh, and I had to (could?) finally – only for the 10-year anniversary of ChiliCult – realize, that my growing the food I write about makes me a bit unusual among food bloggers.

They eat, they may look into the origins of their food, but they tend not to be among the growers and (wannabe-)developers of varieties…


But now, for the update:

With that, I wish you a nice summer. Let’s see what I can report from China this time around  ;)

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