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Japan Aromas: Malebranche Chocolates

A brand called Malebranche? In Kyoto, Japan? What is that even supposed to mean?

Two Views of Tsukiji Market 2: The Outer Market

You hear of Tsukiji, you hear of the fish market and the tuna auction there. Famous as these are, it…

Bourdain, Bhutan, and the Hidden World of “Peppers”

In what has become the last finished episode of the CNN series Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain, he joined up…

Lessons in Matcha 9: Marukyu Koyamaen Haru Kasumi

Spring, nature’s awakening, rising temperatures – and in Japan, the spring mist in the mountains for which Haru Kasumi matcha…

Matcha Lessons: Marukyu Koyamaen Yugen Matcha

Even “cheap” matcha comes in different qualities, becomes more or less noticeable… and Yugen matcha from Marukyu Koyamaen is a…

Lessons in Matcha 8: Marukyu Koyamaen Choan

Only Tenju would still be a higher quality. Aside from that, Choan is at the very top of the matcha…

Spices from Sansho (Zanthoxylum) 2: Hana Sansho

Beginning of May, Zanthoxylum trees flower, time to harvest hana sansho.

Lessons in Matcha 7: Ippodo Tea (Spring) Nodoka Matcha

The Nodoka matcha from Ippodo Tea Co., named after the Japanese word for “peace” or “serenity,” is a special spring…

Not “How Hot Is It?,” but: How Is the Heat?!

One of the things that made me get deeper into “chilli cuisine” is that there is something special to it….

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