MaLa HuaSheng. China’s Spicy Peanuts

MaLa Huasheng - Betäubend-scharfe Erdnússe

Potato chips are of dubious popularity in China, which may be exactly why there is quite some experimentation in finding the right flavors for the Chinese palate for them.

Peanuts, variously prepared, however, are among the more common and popular snacks, and one of the flavors one can easily get them in is a flavor which should have quite some appeal to the adventurous spice lover abroad as well: The hot and numbing mala flavor that is so well known from many a Sichuanese dish, achieved through a combination of dried red chilli and Sichuan pepper.

MaLa HuashengWhy it’s difficult to find outside of China, I do not know, but I sure enjoy it now that I am here in China once again.


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