Strong Aromas, Better Life

Lessons in Matcha 9: Marukyu Koyamaen Haru Kasumi

Spring, nature’s awakening, rising temperatures – and in Japan, the spring mist in the mountains for which Haru Kasumi matcha…

Lessons in Matcha 8: Marukyu Koyamaen Choan

Only Tenju would still be a higher quality. Aside from that, Choan is at the very top of the matcha…

Spices from Sansho (Zanthoxylum) 2: Hana Sansho

Beginning of May, Zanthoxylum trees flower, time to harvest hana sansho.

Lessons in Matcha 7: Ippodo Tea (Spring) Nodoka Matcha

The Nodoka matcha from Ippodo Tea Co., named after the Japanese word for “peace” or “serenity,” is a special spring…

Not “How Hot Is It?,” but: How Is the Heat?!

One of the things that made me get deeper into “chilli cuisine” is that there is something special to it….

Growing Season 2018, Beginning of May: And you’re Out!

The beginning of May is always an interesting time.

Sichuan Pepper and Sansho (and thus, Kinome) in Early Spring

This year, my plan to establish a Pannonian Pepper Garden is progressing nicely. Since last year, I have both plants…

Lessons in Matcha 6: Ippodo Tea Aoyama-no-shiro

Another cheaper – in fact, the cheapest – matcha from Ippodo, a good matcha to wake up, like a shot…

Lessons in Matcha 5: Ippodo Tea Musubi-no-shiro

Ippodo is a good source of matcha – and of a bit of insight into a special aspect of matcha,…

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