Street Kitchen Food Market, Vienna

Another example of something Asian and a normal daily (or actually nightly) occurrence that is considered backwards and therefore not getting more support there, but comes to ‘the West’ as a trendy event.

Food Trucks have been a thing for a while in the USA, and the scene is slowly developing in Europe (if not with quite as much hype).
And here and now – from April 30 to May 1 – a Street Food Market came to Vienna, into the Marx Hall.

We didn’t have much time for it, but we did go for a little impression. And it was nice, even with the few highlights for us…


One highlight that we went for was Surf’n’Turf Burger.

Devil Lax, a salmon fillet filling with chile pepper-garlic sauce; the Surf’n’Turn burger with beef patty and prawns. And a long line of other people who also considered this a place to try.

And then, Frozen Yoghurt from Millie’s as a chaser – and now I wonder when my (Chinese) better half started considering sweets and fruit the proper end to a meal (á the fashion of dessert, which isn’t exactly a Chinese thing).

Strange but Interesting

Speiseplan, the Menu. “What the bug” is on the menu there? Bugs. Insects.

Funny thing, not so much the eating (no, we didn’t try them) than simply their presence in Austria. Being so involved in the English-language food scene, I had heard a lot about initiatives to farm insects and bring them (in)to human foods, but I’d had no idea someone in Austria was working on that.


Lovely, Sweet Chili and Die Pfefferei (How to translate? The Pepperia?) were present. Reminds me of people I wanted to talk with…


The first stand we encountered just had to be that of Monsieur Yong, the one and only maker of jianbing in Austria. Not exactly anything we need, not being the greatest of fans of jianbing even in China, but all the more amusing.

It proves the point perfectly, the point being how something that is considered low-brow in one place can be an interesting exotic thing somewhere else…

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