Seeking Spice in Japan 6: Hakata Furyu Ramen, Osaka

Go to Nihonbashi station, enter Sennichimae shopping street from Sennichimae street, and you are in Dotonbori (again), with eateries all around.

I wanted ramen again, of a different kind.

But, in an area so full of pubs and restaurants, with three ramen places right around you, where do you go?

Here, I decided to forego the place that is rather too well known and tourist-oriented.
Another that didn’t have people waiting didn’t look too good.
So, I went into the one with the most people in line.

Hakata Furyu Ramen, Another Chain

Turned out, it was just because they were running a special promo where you could get a bowl of their standard tonkotsu ramen for just 300 JPY – or even win it if you had liked them on social media.

This was funny.

It was my first time ordering and paying at a ramen ticket machine right after the entrance.
It was quite okay a broth, though much better with chilli and other spice and pickles added.
It was quite a disappointment, with chashu pork that was far from tender and noodles that were just so-so.

For 300 yen, though, (basically like $2,50) it was warm and filling and it is hard to really complain.

Basic Information

Hakata Furyu Ramen
(Furyu in Japanese: 風龍)

1-8-14 Sennichimae Chuo-ku Osaka

Price range: > 1000 JPY

Cash only

For opening hours and further information, I recommend simply checking out the (English-language) website (and Google Maps also has the major info)

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