Seeking Spice in Japan 14: Shin Udon

Another side of the block from Fuunji, another ‘noodles’ restaurant, a last udon and tempura I had in a highly-regarded and comparatively cheap restaurant in Japan.

Shin, The Location

If Fuunji somehow looked like the chef is a star and the place is run down, Shin Udon doesn’t seem to be about a person, but is a rather appealing place.

All light wood, small tables along the wall, and a few seats at the counter, it packs enough people but feels somehow more inviting to me.

The line here, even at less of a usual mealtime – I came here in the afternoon, just after interesting experiences in the Meiji Shrine park – was pretty long.

They don’t have too many seats, either, but they are at least very nicely organized, letting one have the menu and taking one’s order (with a good time for leafing through the menu and deciding) while waiting outside in the line.

The Food

The menu is, as in most such places, not the most diverse, but rather wider-ranging than usual and offering a selection of dishes I found quite appealing. The basic organization, as so often, is into hot or cold noodle dishes, and they are all offered in a few combinations or with various side dishes.

A probably last time in such a restaurant on this trip, I went for a simple bowl of udon plus a dish of mixed tempura yet again. What shall I say, I was here to get to know more about spices, thus also the foods they are often combined with – and I found it a pleasure to be able to compare.

The tastes here were not special in the way that the citrusy soba of Kanda Matsuya or the more-ish salt for the tempura at Kamachiku had been. Like the tempura at Tempura Yaoki in Kyoto, though, they were right on the spot.

The tempura was crunchy outside, fresh and flavorful inside; the udon simple, unobtrusive, and simply good.

Nothing more to say.

Basic Information

Shin Udon
(In Japanese: 慎)

Price range 1000-2000 (3000) JPY

Open 11 am – 10 pm (Fri & Sat to 11 pm)

Few seats, so expect a wait; no reservations I know of.

Cash only

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