Revolutionary Chile Peppers…

I didn’t even point to my recent talk on “<em>Revolution in the Kitchen: The Chile Pepper in China</em>” on this English part of ChiliCult since it was in German and took place in Vienna only – but now there’s the link to Andrew Leonard’s piece on Hot Chili Peppers, War, and Sichuan Cuisine on Nautilus to share.

A bit of a contribution from me.

And had it been up to me, there would have been a bit more questioning of the conventional story of the chile pepper’s spread, in terms of regions and reasons. But alas, you’ll have to wait for my work on the chile pepper in China to get re-started and done to find that ;)


And I’m off to Vienna’s Botanical Garden for the annual spring plant sale. I’m helping at the stand of Arche Noah again; you can find me at the chile peppers ;)

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