Osaka Central Wholesale Market(s)

The market, especially the fish market, of Tsukiji in Tokyo hardly seems to need mentioning. It’s known. But, there are things to still know, aside from what everyone thinks they know and what is commonly heard.

Hardly anything, in contrast, is ever heard about the Osaka Wholesale Central Markets.

Osaka is not just good for walks and window shopping, let alone for going out to eat… one can also visit that market, rather freely.

Why only rather freely?

It doesn’t seem entirely clear whether one is supposed to be on that market without any reservations. It is possible, anyways, and nobody seemed to care as long as nobody had to.

How interesting a visit is, that is a bit questionable.

Of course, one can see a lot of foodstuffs and the coming and goings of the market. Naturally, the diversity of produce is interesting… but the impression also remains a superficial one, and since this is a wholesale market, it’s not really for visitors.

There would be a few eateries one could also visit as a tourist (Endo Sushi seems to be particularly well-known). These, however, open relatively late whereas most of the market action is early.

Otherwise, it is probably better to look around more in the Kuromon market street and Dotonbori; those offer a large diversity that one can actually partake of.

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