LaMeiZi, the Spice Girls of Hunan

LaMeiZi, die Spice Girls von Hunan

Let’s return from China with something from China, and with music.

After all, whenever an appearance of chile pepper in popular culture or otherwise publicly, such as in new products, catches my eye, I love to share it. Normally, of course (since we live here), these will be appearances in Europe.

My research into the chilli in China – for a book I’m writing on – just led me there, though: To a song about the “spicy women” (or, as the singer, Song Zhuying, loves to joke, the “spice girls”) of Hunan, and a music video full of red peppers…

First of all, at the JFK Center (w| good subtitles): [Unfortunately, that was removed]

Secondly, just because it has to be given that we are in Austria, at the Golden Hall of Vienna’s Concert Hall (Goldener Musikvereinssaal):

Saving the best for last, however – check out the music video here:

Oh, of course, as always, Sichuan and Hunan people are quarreling over whether or not this is really meant to be talking about Hunan girls or actually about Sichuan girls…

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