Handl Tyrol & Bird’s Eye

Handl Tyrol Mini-Landjäger sausage w| Birds Eye pepper

I don’t just grow chilli, I don’t just research its historical-cultural-culinary relations, I always keep an eye out for the chilli in new places and new products as well.

It’s hardly unexpected to find chilli in some, and especially European, kinds of sausage.

Handl Tyrol has long had a “Chiliwurzerl” sausage on offer, but to the ChiliCult-ist according to whom “There is no chilli”, that’s a mixed bag. All the nicer when there’s another type of sausage added, and getting added a kind of chilli which is mentioned by name, like these Mini-Landjäger with Bird’s Eye chilli.

Handl Tyrol Mini-Landjäger sausage w| Birds Eye pepper

Mind you, it’s not a variety of chilli but a pod type, to be over-technically-correct about it, that is used here. Seeing a bigger company go not just for chilli but for a specific type that is declared right on the package is nice to see, anyways. Makes the hot heart happy – and tingles the tongue.

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