Growing Season 2018: How It Began

New year, same problem: I want to show, what I grow and how – but it is enough work that I don’t get around to showing the work.

But now!

Once again, I “only” started my chile pepper growing (of varieties I want to focus on) in the second half of February.

Focus Varieties 2018

Chilli from Hunan for my own Austro-Hunan-Kitchen uses, i.e. for the cooking I do, Hunan style but with ingredients from the garden here in Austria, whenever possible, was number 1.

Then, once again poblano / ancho. It has become rather unusual for me to grow Mexican chile, but this variety is to nice, and so good for combinations with chocolate (as I like to use them in my baking). And it ripens so late, I did not see *any* ripe pods last year.

Some shishitou, now that I also enjoyed that in Japan (in tempura, no less). And Manganji, which is a new Japanese variety (to me).

Gardening Indoors, Mid-March

Mid March, it was high time to produce, or at least try, more.

With the many experiments I have done with various kinds of chilli (and other plants), I still have seeds for a lot. A lot of which may or may not be viable by now.

So, I had to start it early enough to give it a chance.
I also had to start it late enough that I could soon move it outside (rather than have to leave it indoors, with insufficient light and room), should it all germinate too well.

And so it all began, nicely warmed by the central heating while it was still cold outside…

As you can hear me wonder about, I also started a few “test objects” among what I have decided to call “food plants” here, i.e. everything that isn’t the major ingredient, chilli ;)

Most of those vegetables and herbs will only get started as it gets warmer, and immediately outside. For which it is, now that I am finally writing this here (in April), already time or soon to be time!

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