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Seeking Spice in Japan 13: Fuunji Ramen

Back in Tokyo, but this time on a more Blade Runner-ish side of the megalopolis (which had earlier made me…

Seeking Spice in Japan 12: Shinpuku Saikan

On the way out of Kyoto, to head back to Tokyo, a final meal here was in order.

Seeking Spice in Japan 8: Kyoto Gogyo Ramen

Some places obviously know how to cook but, even more impressively, also know how to turn what would be a…

Seeking Spice in Japan 6: Hakata Furyu Ramen, Osaka

Go to Nihonbashi station, enter Sennichimae shopping street from Sennichimae street, and you are in Dotonbori (again), with eateries all…

Seeking Spice in Japan 4: Ippudo Ramen

Having fled a typhoon’s rain and looked around the Instant Ramen Museum, it was time to go for real ramen….

Seeking Spice in Japan 3: The Instant Ramen Museum, Osaka

A new typhoon got me off the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage path earlier than I had planned. Rain would not stop…

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