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Seeking Spice in Japan 12: Shinpuku Saikan

On the way out of Kyoto, to head back to Tokyo, a final meal here was in order.

Seeking Spice in Japan 11: Tempura Yaoki, Kyoto

A bit farther north from Nishiki Market in central Kyoto, on the same kind of dark and tight side road…

Seeking Spice in Japan 10: Omen, Kyoto

When there is a ‘noodle shop’ that famously makes its own chile pepper mixes, the ChiliCult-ist cannot be far off…

Seeking Spice in Japan 8: Kyoto Gogyo Ramen

Some places obviously know how to cook but, even more impressively, also know how to turn what would be a…

Seeking Spice in Japan 7: Honke Owariya, Kyoto

Most places where it is grown, buckwheat is considered a coarse and inferior grain, only good for its hardiness. But…

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