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Two Views of Tsukiji Market 2: The Outer Market

You hear of Tsukiji, you hear of the fish market and the tuna auction there. Famous as these are, it…

Seeking Spice in Japan 16: Yoshinoya at the Airport for Unagi

The first food I had wanted to have in Japan, knowing that sansho (Japanese pepper) would play a role in…

Seeking Spice in Japan 15: A Hee-Hee Curry (Cup) in a Mall

Somehow, my last day running around Shinjuku, I felt like a simple Japanese curry – even more of a feel-good,…

Seeking Spice in Japan 12: Shinpuku Saikan

On the way out of Kyoto, to head back to Tokyo, a final meal here was in order.

Osaka Central Wholesale Market(s)

The market, especially the fish market, of Tsukiji in Tokyo hardly seems to need mentioning. It’s known. But, there are…

Seeking Spice in Japan 4: Ippudo Ramen

Having fled a typhoon’s rain and looked around the Instant Ramen Museum, it was time to go for real ramen….

Lessons in Matcha 1: The Flavor Lesson of KitKat in Japan

Into food, flavors, aromas, sweet heat? You must have heard of the diversity of KitKat that Nestle produces for the…

Seeking Spice in Japan 2: Kamachiku Udon, Tokyo

From soba, I went on to udon. And tempura. And a revelation. The neighborhood: Nezu. Small alleys, low buildings, it…

Seeking Spice in Japan 1: Kanda Matsuya Soba, Tokyo

Soba, with a trend-like influence in a place that opened in 1884 and looks the part. In a good way….

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