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Of Cacao and Chocolate: Ruby, Blonde – and Real

Chocolate may be the most misunderstood of democratized luxuries. Some of the recent innovation, especially with “Ruby Cacao,” in this…

Meiji The Chocolate with Matcha Flavor

Imagine a brand like Hershey’s coming out with a range of chocolate bars that aim at a rather gourmet audience,…

Japan Aromas: Malebranche Chocolates

A brand called Malebranche? In Kyoto, Japan? What is that even supposed to mean?

Lessons in Spice from Fazer Chocolates

It wouldn’t have to be chocolates from Fazer Suomi that could get us more aware of the role of sweets…

Coco Chocolatier “Haggis Spice” Review

I haven’t written anything on the topic of “hot” chocolates in a while, but chocolates with special flavors (preferably from…

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