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Not “How Hot Is It?,” but: How Is the Heat?!

One of the things that made me get deeper into “chilli cuisine” is that there is something special to it….

Nikolaus Joseph Freiherr von Jacquin: Hortus Botanicus Vindobonensis

1770-1776, Vindobonae : Typis Leopoldi Joannis Kaliwoda It is this work that first described Capsicum chinense/sinense under – and thus…

Köhler, Franz Eugen: Köhler’s Medizinal-Pflanzen

1887: Gera-Untermhaus This work only contains one depiction of “paprika”, but it is too beautiful not to show:

Anton Fingerhuth: Monographia Generis Capsici

1832, Arnz & Comp: Düsseldorpii The Lower Saxon State and University Library Göttingen owns a copy of this text and…

Capsicum: Early Botanical Texts on Capsicum

The story of confusion about the correct botanical classification of Capsicum mirrors the history of botany itself. So, it can…

Capsicum: The Truth of Pod Types

[My apologies for just how much this post needs updating…]

Capsicum: The Domesticated Species

Botanically, the classification of plants follows the format of genus, species, and – if relevant – variety/subspecies.

Accessions (“Varieties”) of Chiltepin

One of the interesting properties of chiltepin: as a distinct (sub)variety and pod type, it should – or at least,…

Museum Heirlooms and the Superhot Advantage

Heirloom vegetables, those traditional varieties that are the subject of quite some lore and more than a few feelings of…

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