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Category: Growing Food Plants

Growing Season 2018, Update 4: Early Summer

June/July, high time for an update. A pretty long one, now that everything’s growing. Well, okay, not everything. I had…

Spices from Sansho (Zanthoxylum) 2: Hana Sansho

Beginning of May, Zanthoxylum trees flower, time to harvest hana sansho.

Growing Season 2018, Beginning of May: And you’re Out!

The beginning of May is always an interesting time.

Chun – Toona sinensis

Eating tree leaves may sound strange, but it works with linden trees, with moringa, and most interesting of all, with…

Growing Season 2018: In the Midst of Indoor Starting

Time for a second update to this year’s ChiliCult growing season, still playing catch-up…

Growing Season 2018: How It Began

New year, same problem: I want to show, what I grow and how – but it is enough work that…

Chinese New Year’s Garden and Food Resolutions

Or, the What, Where, How, and Why of my gardening for food production, following my motto for 2018. I don’t…

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