Coco Chocolatier “Haggis Spice” Review

I haven’t written anything on the topic of “hot” chocolates in a while, but chocolates with special flavors (preferably from chile peppers) have long been an interest of mine.

In fact, it may have been thanks to them that my interest expanded from the chile peppers themselves to the wider world of strong flavors.

Definitely time, then – especially now that I’m trying to avoid cheap chocolates – for a renewed dive into that topic.

Coco Chocolatier "Haggis Spice"

Starting off point: Coco Chocolatier from Edinburgh, Scotland, and their dark chocolate with “Haggis Spice” flavor.

Haggis Spice?

At first sight, it gave me pause. Does that sound enticing?

A look at the list of ingredients is reassuring and attracting, again:

Vanilla, sea salt, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, allspice.

Could be good. Or not… And turns out good:

The chocolate itself is an organic dark one with min. 64% cacao which is nicely round in flavor, somewhat fruity, but not intensive in its own aromas (which I mean in a good way; it doesn’t overpower, doesn’t take center stage).

The spices are nicely noticeable as a melange of flavors, not pungent-hot as e.g. the black pepper could easily become, but well-blended, spicy-aromatic, and very nice overall.

Definitely worth sampling.

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