Chile trouvée at Hermès…

Hermes Le Potager Capsicum

There I was, visiting the Festival des Métiers in Vienna, through which Hermès gives some insight into the work of its artisans… and for once, I found chile peppers not making an appearance in pop culture, but appearing on a luxury brand’s silk scarf design.

Hermès, you see, had a design in fall 2014 which playfully celebrated, well, vegetables: Le Potager Extraordinaire.

Of course the one design that immediately caught my eye was that one, and the part where I looked at it was the one illustrating Capsicum annuum ;)

Hermes Le Potager Capsicum

Good thing my collection of such finds is only photographic; that scarf would set me back a pretty penny… but it is cute.

(If you’re interested in further photos from this event, you can find some here.)

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