Brick Mansions

Why the hell would I write about a movie (that is not about cooking)? Well, some people like to spot what watch or brand of clothing a character is wearing; I like to  spot when chilli makes an appearance – and if I didn’t like to, I’d still notice.

Chilli, the main addition to the movie?

Chilli in Brick Mansions

Brick Mansions was fun to watch mainly just for the “spot the differences” challenge it presents to someone who has, a few times, in fact, seen B13 (District 13), the original French parkour movie on which it is based to the point of following much of the storyline and many of the moves in the stunts to a letter.

One of the differences and additions I very much noticed, of course – and one I heartily approve of: the ‘guest starring’ role that chilli has in it. K2, the gang boss’s main henchman, finds himself not exactly in hot water, but in perhaps worse circumstances…(Also, I applaud the use of a personalized Chinese cooking  cleaver ;) )

Chilli in Brick MansionsAlthough that is not the use I would put it to…


[All photos screenshots from the movie, ©Warner Bros./Relativity Media]

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