Anton Fingerhuth: Monographia Generis Capsici

1832, Arnz & Comp: Düsseldorpii

The Lower Saxon State and University Library Göttingen owns a copy of this text and offers the possibility for sponsors to pay for a book’s digitalization, which offer I gladly took them up on.

What makes this text so interesting is that it is still (aside from Bosland & Votava, “Peppers: Vegetable and Spice Capsicums,” published 2000 by CABI Publishing) one of the few monographs on capsicum. Not only that, but it is the earliest text to include paintings of the various species of capsicum recognized at the time of its publication, including the species Capsicum sinense/chinense which had received its botanical name (from von Jacquin) only shortly before.

The document can be downloaded in full (as pdf) here, but I’ve also included the main illustrations and some other pages in the gallery that follows:

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