A Little “Heatstory” of the Chiltepin

heatstories is a little podcast project of mine; not (so much) about particular varieties/types, but about hot spices, their history, and the stories of people involved with them.

It has been an idea long in the coming. It has long had me thinking about the history and stories behind different spices and kinds of spices.

Given my long interest in the chiltepin, it had me thinking about its history and stories – which are strange ones.

There is not really any of the usual history of trade and conquest and spread. Chiltepin spread itself (or let birds spread itself) and has always and only been where it went that way.

It is still being harvested in the wild, though, which is not the usual story around a plant that gave rise to a large diversity of cultivated varieties…

Listen in:

And if you are interested in hearing more from other people, about hot spices, their history, and the stories of those people involved with them, head on over to heatstories!

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