Cooking with ChiliCult: Fried Egg with Bitter Melon (Kugua Chaodan)

Cooking with ChiliCult: Fried Egg with Bitter Melon (Kugua Chaodan)

Bitter melon or bitter gourd (Momordica charantia, gyoja) is one of those vegetables that are extremely healthy, apparently – and a particularly bitter medicine.

The recipe is one of the Chinese vegetable recipes that are really simple, and the combination of egg and salt with bitter melon is a great way of approaching this vegetable. These two ingredients nicely dampen the bitterness, making it easier to learn to enjoy bitter melon even if you don’t have a wife making you eat it:

Recipe for Bitter Melon Fried Egg

for 2 persons, as one of 2-3 dishes; I wouldn’t recommend bitter melon as a sole dish


1 bitter melon of ~20 cm (8 inches)
1 egg

Oil for the wok; salt


Half the bitter melon, remove the seeds and pulp with a spoon.
Cut the de-seeded bitter melon into thin slices.

Stir-fry the bitter melon slices in a bit of hot oil (just to get them done and maybe a bit softer, though they won’t be really soft, nor get browned).
Crack the egg into the pan, mix it with the bitter melon and fry it by stirring.
Add salt.

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